Relaxation Bio-Dynamique


Retreats and accompaniment in Yoga, Breathing, Bio-dynamic relaxation... Reconnecting to oneself, realigning and reharmonising on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Stress ? Anxiety? Overwork ? Muscle or joint tension and pain? It is time to change for a better life!
Bio-Dynamic Relaxation combined with other wellness practices is a concrete and lasting response to these ailments that have a direct impact on our health.

What is

Bio-dynamic Relaxation

Bio-Dynamic Relaxation is inherited from oriental martial arts (Shaolin, Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong), Yoga, and has similarities with other practices such as the Mézières method (kinesitherapy).

It is divided into 9 steps and a sequence of 33 exercises. It helps to develop self-care, coordination of the body, movement and breathing, a release from physical tensions and a relearning of natural functional systems. It leads to a physical revitalization, a global relaxation, while restimulating the internal energy by the re-oxygenation of the body.

Practiced in groups, (up to 12 people) a session allows each person to learn all the sequences by themselves.

As an individual accompaniment, a table session realigns, reharmonizes and revitalizes the whole body and produces an immediate effect of well-being.

Les neufs étapes de la Relaxation Bio-dynamique

Discover Bio-Dynamic Relaxation
as an individual accompaniment



- Elimination of physical tensions.
- Cleaning up emotional shocks.
- Reharmonization/revitalization.

1 - Posture/Attitude and body awareness.
2 - Release of tensions from the moving body.
3 - Reoxygenation of the respiratory tract.
4 - Realignment of the spine.
5 - Internal release in 3 steps.
6 - Reprogramming, identification of body rhythms...
7 - Revitalization of internal energy.
8 - Reclaiming one's energetic and corporeal space.
9 - Coordination and revitalization of the body/movement/breathing.

Bio-Dynamic Relaxation is practiced in one-hour group sessions or in individual sessions, personalized on a table from one to two and a half hours.


Touch therapy acts at the physical (muscular, articular), emotional and energetic levels.

This approach is suitable for almost all clienteles, regardless of age or physical condition. Massage allows you to relax, recover, reconnect with yourself and improve your emotional state. It also prepares the body for effort.

This approach combines synchronized conscious breathing with massage to achieve a deeper level of relaxation.
Depending on the objectives of the treatment, different techniques can be used: kneading, friction, percussions, rolled palpation, vibrations or effleurages.

If necessary, the treatment can be accompanied by essential oils, hot stones (thermal organic massage, detoxifying), or sounds.


This approach brings together multiple techniques and methods to create a tailor-made treatment.

It takes place in a space that promotes well-being, and offers experiences that will allow you to reconnect with yourself naturally, to recover forgotten or repressed physical sensations and to increase your own perception of yourself, including at the emotional and energy level.

Sound universes, Tibetan Bowl, Carillon, etc. can be used when appropriate and according to the sensibilities of each person.

The combined use of these three approaches allows you to deeply relax, to reconnect with yourself, and to maintain a state of well-being over the long term.

Programs and rates


I travel or welcome you to make you discover the practice and its many possibilities and applications.
Interview – Table session – Debriefing


I’m offering you a full, state-of-the-art session.
Interview – 1st part standing – 2nd part on table – Debriefing


Tailor made, the classical practice is supplemented by additional techniques (massage, energetic care, etc.).



Over one or more days we design together a program adapted to your objectives. The best way to return to a state of balance and deep and lasting well-being.


1h15 of standing and lying practice to relieve neck, back and shoulder tension, reharmonize the spine and remobilize and re-sooth the pelvic and lumbar area. The session ends with dynamic and breathing Taos to regain tonicity and strength.


Team building, stress management, letting go for a better collaboration, directly in the company for short sessions (1/2 day or full day) or stays of 2 to 4 days. Tailor-made services, according to the company’s objectives and the number of participants.

Table top treatment
in the middle of nature

The Bio-dynamic Relaxation treatment on a table in individual accompaniment in the middle of nature.
This is the most complete way to regain a complete and deep balance. It combines the re-learning of walking synchronised with breathing, Cardiac Coherence techniques and a complete treatment, partly standing and partly on a table, of Bio-dynamic Relaxation.
Depending on the weather, this exceptional treatment takes place in places chosen for the beauty of their panorama and their isolation ensuring a great tranquility.
For one person or a couple, the treatment takes place over a day or a half day.

“Trance-Formation Retreats“
An intense journey deep inside yourself, and a rebirth into harmony of the body, clarity of the mind and a tenfold increase in energy!

2 or 4 day retreats combining Yoga, Bio-dynamic Relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation, vocal expression and dance that will deeply Trance-Form you, for sure!

“Become 100% of your potential“ through sports coaching based on Bio-dynamic Relaxation, breath control and some NLP techniques.

Stress management, improvement of body perception, relaxation and mental preparation, increase of reflex response capacities. This is what I propose you to acquire thanks to the combined approach of these three approaches.

Seminaries - Team building

Share with your employees a relaxing, convivial and unifying moment.
Go further by exploring techniques that optimise stress management, increase concentration and improve communication, 3 keys to ensure greater efficiency for your team.
Work on breathing, letting go, mobilizing internal energy for greater productivity.

In-company interventions of 1/2 to 1 day or seminars of 2 to 4 days, tailor-made, for groups of 8 to 30 people that we design according to your objectives.

Regain control of your breathing and synchronize your electromagnetic field with that of your interlocutors thanks to cardiac coherence. Learn simple and quick methods to recover in case of fatigue. Become aware of your tensions and know how to evacuate them through a series of simple and accessible exercises. Identify the tensions of your collaborators to avoid or resolve conflicts. Know how to listen, know how to raise your voice. Recovering the full use of your physical and intellectual potential by freeing yourself from limiting programming…

Relaxation Bio-dynamique - brochure des 33 exercices

Download the free brochure: Bio-dynamic Relaxation in 33 exercices (french version)

Vous y trouver une introduction à la pratique et les exercices expliqués que vous pourrez pratiquer chez vous de manière autonome.


Vous recevrez le lien de téléchargement de la brochure au format PDF dans votre boîte mail.


Arnaud Weber


Arnaud Weber - Praticien en Relaxation Bio-dynamique

I started my career as artistic director in communication agencies in Paris for about twenty years, then as creative director and partner in health communication agencies. By evolving in this universe at the same time very creative but also very stressful, I was able to recharge my batteries in nature through my practice of outdoor sports: climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, hiking, trail or even paragliding, parachuting and Basejump.

In addition to these activities that allowed me to reconnect, I discovered massage in the early 90s and then therapeutic practices such as Mézières physiotherapy, circulatory, joint and muscle massages....

I am also interested in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), NVC (Non Violent Communication), the Wim Hof method, the use of sound for care, and other practices that can complement Bio-Dynamic Relaxation.

I practice according to the method of Pierre Pyronnet, founder of Bio-Dynamic Relaxation in the 90’s, who has continuously enriched it in more than 30 years of practice in martial arts and Asian traditions: Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Do-in, Bio-energy and Chinese medicine. To learn more about Pierre Pyronnet la Relaxation Bio-Dynamique visit Bio-Dynamic


"Doing once a month Physiotherapie to keep my shoulder pain under control, is what I did since years. I was curious to try relaxation biodynamic. To my own surprise these simple movements together with breathing and the followed deep relaxation had a big impact on the shoulder pain and overall well-being. After a few more sessions I stopped going to the Physiotherapie, that was now over half year ago. Thank you Arnaud for practicing relaxation biodynamic, in my eyes a beneficial & efficient bodywork tool".
Manuela F.
Nutritionist - Therapist - Interlaken (CH)
"Very tired, suffering from back pain from not even supporting the sitting position, I tried my first Bio Dynamic Relaxation experience in early October 2019. At the end of a rather long [table] session (about 2 hours), I felt VERY WELL. Relaxed, rested, liberated. Freed, at the end of the session, of a weight in the solar plexus, the Tibetan bowl has many effects and helps to unblock emotions. My severe back pain has not manifested itself since. I have regained my usual well-being and energy".
Catherine B.
Retired - 74 years - FR
" In my opinion Arnaud Weber truly has what it takes... We attended a small group session on the beach and Arnaud quickly put us at ease and lead the group through various exercises, some stimulating others more relaxing. His methods are based on years of experience in this domain and I for one believe he has found his true passion in life! I cannot recommend him highly enough "
Neil W.
Tennis coach - Bern (CH)
"I received a treatment on the table from Arnaud. He accompanied me on a set of movements that allow me to relax the body, then on a phase of relaxation of which I leave you surprised, and finally on a phase of revitalization. It was a moment of well-being, relaxation, and at the same time a finer connection to my body and feelings. I particularly appreciated her gentleness, warmth, respect for the right distance and expertise in foot and hand massages.".
Bérangère G.
32 years - Grenoble (FR)
"During a training course in Bio Dynamic Relaxation, I had the chance to meet Arnaud and to be accompanied and guided on a group session and during an individual treatment on the table. I experienced on the one hand to feel realigned and reharmonized in the whole physical body, and especially to free myself from tensions and emotional blockades. With all my gratitude and gratitude for you Arnaud, I thank you for your kindness, your welcome, your sensitivity and your professionalism. I wish everyone to meet you and discover Bio Dynamic Relaxation.
Mireille C.
Therapist, coach,  "Harmonie Santé bien-être" - Lausanne (CH)
" I discovered Bio-dynamic Relaxation with Arnaud. I am interested in well-being and already practice yoga, meditation and Sophrology. I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate benefits felt during the session but also by the deep relaxation that followed. Arnaud leads us gradually, in a very benevolent way and through a series of physical and breathing exercises, to a state of relaxation and self-alignment. The use of the Tibetan bowl is very interesting because it accentuates the positive effects of the session. I felt my body relaxed, my mind soothed and a deep inner harmony. I will gladly repeat the experience. If your well-being is important to you, try Bio-dynamic relaxation with Arnaud without any hesitation! "
Aurélie V.
Sport coach (crossfit), sophrologist - 35 years - FR



Trainer specialised in stress and conflict management, 35 years of martial arts practice (Aikido) and Master practitioner in personal development techniques (NLP). Initiator of Bio-dynamic Relaxation since the 1990s.


Marjorie Le Paire - Chromotherapist, I have been marvelling at the benefits of colours on the body and mind for 6 years! I work mainly in an intuitive and holistic way. According to my feeling and your desire, I integrate other vibratory tools (sounds, perfumes) in your treatment.


Marie Agnès HORST is a Bio-Dynamic Relaxation Practitioner in the Ile de France region and a Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis,
Master Practitioner in Spiritual Hypnosis and Practitioner in NLP
(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)


Specialist in hypnosis, mental and sports coaching, Marine welcomes you in Chambéry. Humanist hypnosis and Eriksonian hypnosis.
She helps you to get rid of your phobias, your addictions, and stress!


Des informations étayées et neutres, des explications claires et complètes et les adresses où trouver le ou la spécialiste qu’il vous faut, voilà ce que vous offre en quelques clics.


Training in the Wim Hof method by Sébastien Payet,
first French certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method.
Cold therapy - Breathing - Commitment.


For group or individual sessions on the table, I travel to Switzerland and France. I also receive in my home in a space dedicated to relaxation and adapted to treatments for complete sessions.

079 899 40 81

    A simple exercise to do anywhere:
    Cardiac Coherence


    The Alpha rhythm is a state of calm wakefulness that leads to physiological and mental rest. It works on the principle of synchronisation of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and allows the two hemispheres (creativity for the left brain and logic for the right brain) to function in perfect synergy. This improves intellectual performance, reduces anxiety (increase in serotonin), improves the quality of sleep, reduces heart rate and pressure.

    Cardiac Coherence is a simple breathing exercise that allows you to put yourself in a state of relaxation by using Alpha waves. This exercise consists of breathing calmly for 5 minutes, 3 times a day to improve our physical and emotional balance throughout the day.

    1 – Sit comfortably (in a chair, armchair, sofa or on the floor) in a quiet place.
    2 – Close your eyes.

    3 – Breathe in for 5 seconds through the nose, without forcing.
    4 – Exhale, without forcing, through the nose or mouth, for 5 seconds.

    Breathe at this rate for 5 minutes.
    3 times a day – 6 breaths per minute – for 5 minutes: this is the “365” Method

    Enjoy the relaxation!