Relaxation Bio-Dynamique

Accompaniment on a table in the middle of nature, the complete physical and emotional RESET.

The most complete way to regain a deep and lasting balance. In half a day you will get rid of the stress and physical tensions you feel, you will rebalance your hormonal system, notably by regulating your level of Cortisol (the stress hormone) through walking, breathing and relaxation. You will regain both relaxation and tonus at the same time.

The treatment combines the relearning/reprogramming of walking (based on Nordic walking) synchronised with breathing, Cardiac Coherence techniques and a complete treatment, part standing and part on the table, of Bio-dynamic Relaxation. The objective of this treatment is to get rid of stress-related tensions, to deprogram your bad gestural and postural habits, to descend very deeply into relaxation to perform a deep cleansing on the emotional level, to then find your own state of physical and energetic balance first, and to re-energize yourself in a second step.

I add a motivational module according to the participants’ objectives, association of physical state/mental anchorage for the realisation of projects, sports performances or willingness to make important changes in the medium or long term.

The combined effects of the “nature bath” and Bio-dynamic Relaxation make this treatment unique and extremely effective. The “nature bath” helps to disconnect causes of stress and trauma by positively restimulating our senses. It prepares us for the session that follows and allows us to automatically readjust the participant’s hormonal balance when we add the practice of walking synchronised with breathing. The treatment creates a positive mental anchorage that will be useful and beneficial for the days and weeks that follow.

Depending on the weather, this exceptional treatment takes place in places chosen for the beauty of their panorama and their isolation, ensuring great tranquility. For a single person, a couple or a small group, the treatment takes place over a day or half a day.


For half a day in individual, about 4 hours. The programme may vary according to the participant(s). The place and time of the walk are decided in advance with the participant(s).

Walking (15/30 mn)
Standing session (partial, 20 min)
Resuming walking (30 min/1 hour)
Cardiac coherence (5/10 mn)
Standing and table session (1h30/2h00)
Dynamic and breathing Taos (15 mn)

2 persons max

Synchronised walking, preliminary session, Cardiac Coherence/Square Breathing, full table session..

380.- CHF/€

3/6 persons

Synchronised walking, preliminary session, Cardiac Coherence, full session on yoga mat. Square Breathing, learning CO2 regulation. Meditation/Relaxation.

680.- CHF/€
Excluding lunch
Possibility of half day
480.00 CHF/€

7/10 persons

Synchronised walking, preliminary session, Cardiac Coherence, full session on yoga mat. Square Breathing or Emotional Realease Breathing, learning CO2 regulation. Meditation/Relaxation.

1180.- CHF/€

The day after the session :
"Hello Arnaud, thank you... especially for your kindness, your listening, you knew how to put me at ease as soon as you arrived at the car park and I really felt
a thousand different sensations throughout the afternoon. Incredible... Absolute relaxation at the end of the day. I spent the evening very serenely. I don't forget the cardiac coherence, the hot water, the 3 breaths at work.... And above all all the images of this day that soothe me... Sleep was beneficial last night as I didn't need to wake up 15 times this morning (never seen before) Fresh and available 6:30 am...and no back pain. The session follows
his work... I haven't totally come back to reality or I approach it differently...?! ...really A big thank you to you."

One week after the session :
"Isa ...Stroll to Charousse seven 2020...
When you meet Arnaud, in nature you will walk, you will know how to let go, you will listen to his advice, you will follow the exercises and you will feel the energy... Stress you will get rid of.... On the table you will sleep and music will soak you up.... The pains you will forget... Light life you'll resume.... Zen attitude you will adopt… So give yourself a moment's rest.
Thank you Arnaud for your advice and your kindness."
42 ans - - Chamonix
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