Relaxation Bio-Dynamique

"Become 100% of your potential" through sports coaching based on Bio-dynamic Relaxation, breath control and some NLP techniques.

Stress management, improvement of body perception, relaxation and mental preparation, increase of reflex response capacities. This is what I propose you to acquire thanks to the combined approach of these three approaches.

Images filmed by Jean-Noël Itzstein – AdrenalinBase. Jumps in Switzerland (Lauterbrunnen & Grindelwald)

I offer a personalised support oriented towards sports performance thanks to my 33 years of experience in the world of mountain activities and sports (climbing, mountaineering, trail running, paragliding, parachuting, basejumping, wingsuit) and a certification as a practitioner in Bio-dynamic Relaxation completed with the basics of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmation).

My method consists in finding consciousness in the movement synchronized with the breath and an extremely fine perception of the internal sensations. Deprogramming bad movement habits to find a body harmony that is specific to each person is the basis of the practice.
This leads to relaxation and full availability of our potential for tonicity and power in view of a sporting performance. The breathing methods that accompany it are powerful tools for energising for some, or for managing stress and concentration for others.


    • To increase the perception of your body, of your sensations, for a better feedback in order to adjust more finely your body responses, to improve your ease and your speed of reaction.
    • To know how to call upon 100% of your potential of tonicity and power when you need it.
    • To manage your stress (risk sports or competition).
    • Project yourself mentally towards the success of your project.
    • Recover fully and quickly after an intense effort, short or long.


The three pillars of this coaching



  • Reconnecting breathing and movement.
  • Remove musculoskeletal tension and blockages.
  • Increasing body awareness and perception.
  • Reaching a deep state of relaxation to remove limiting beliefs and implant motivational intentions.


  • Manage stress.
  • Energize before exercise.
  • Recover effectively after exercise.
  • Plunge into a state of semi hypnosis to anchor positive intentions.
  • Regulate the level of CO2 in the body.
  • Improve the quality of sleep.


  • Mentally project yourself into success.
  • Create anchors to call on your internal resources at any time.
  • Improve your collaborations.
  • Shun or remove limiting beliefs.

I offer a range of pre-established modules, or entirely tailor-made coaching.



Preliminary interview and definition of objectives, full standing and table session with visualisation and motivation. Debriefing. Introduction to specific breathing exercises. Anchoring. Partial conclusion session.

380.- CHF/€
All-inclusive price


Preliminary interview and definition of objectives, full session standing and on yoga mat with visualisation and motivation. Debriefing. Introduction to specific breathing exercises. Breathing in a square, learning CO2 regulation. Anchoring. Meditation/Relaxation. Partial conclusion session.

680.- CHF/€
All-inclusive price
Half day option
480.- CHF/€

3 HALF DAYS (14h00)

Briefing on the mechanisms of stress and how to regulate them. Standing session – video of the session (autonomous). Learning of stress regulation breathing techniques. Recovery/Breathing/Relaxation/Visualisation before jumping.
I accompany the participant(s) to the exit and I also jump. The training does not include the Basejump part.

680.- CHF/€
All-inclusive price


nterview – Part 1 standing – Part 2 on table – debriefing

1H30 / 120.- CHF/€



3 sessions over 21 days
+ regular follow-up

1st SESSION 2h00
interview 30 minutes + Full standing (or sitting) session + Customised exercise programme for the next 10 days. Follow-up by email and/or telephone.

2nd SESSION 1h30
interview 20 minutes + Full session + Checking and readjustment of previous exercises + new programme for the next 10 days. Follow-up by email and/or telephone.

3rd SESSION 1h30
interview 30 minutes + Complete session + Checking and readjustment of previous exercises + Recommendations for independent practice.

+ Brochure of the 33 exercises to download.

220.- CHF/€
80.- CHF/€ per additional session.

COACHING - Advanced

5 sessions over 30 days
+ regular follow-up

11ST SESSION 1h30 filmed
interview 30 minutes + Full standing (or sitting) session + Tailor-made exercise programme to do at home for the next 10 days. Follow-up by email and/or telephone. The video is available during the following days.

2/3/4TH SESSIONS 1h00
interview 20 minutes + Full session + Checking and readjustment of previous exercises + new programme for the next 10 days. Follow-up by e-mail and/or telephone. The video is available for the following days.

5th SESSION 1 hour filmed
interview 20 minutes + Complete session + Checking and readjustment of previous exercises + Recommendations and videos of the sessions to keep you in shape independently.

+ Brochure of the 33 exercises to download.

360.- CHF/€
80.- CHF/€ per additional session.


Starting with a group
of 8 or more people

1 hour of standing practice, to release tension in the neck, back and shoulders, to reharmonise the spine and to remobilise and relax the pelvis and lumbar area. The session ends with dynamic and breathing Taos to regain tone and strength.

Debriefing at the end of the session to deepen certain subjects or postures.

The sessions are carried out on ZOOM. They are filmed and I propose the replay on Youtube (only visible by you).

12.- CHF/€/Session

Groups under 12 people. Minimum 8 people

9.- CHF/€/Session
Groups above 12 people.

7.- CHF/€/Session
Groups of more than 30 people.


"I discovered Bio-Dynamic Relaxation with Arnaud. I am interested in well-being and already practice yoga, meditation and Sophrology. I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate benefits felt during the session but also by the deep relaxation in the hours that followed. Arnaud leads us progressively, in a very benevolent way and through a series of physical and breathing exercises to a state of relaxation and alignment with ourselves. The use of the Tibetan bowl is very interesting because it accentuates the positive effects of the session. I felt my body relaxed, my mind calmed and a deep inner harmony. I will gladly repeat the experience. If your well-being is important to you, try Bio-Dynamic Relaxation with Arnaud without hesitation!
Aurélie V.
Crossfit coach, yoga teacher, weightlifting coach, sophrologist - 35 years old - (FR)
"I discovered the practice of Bio-Dynamic Relaxation with Arnaud Weber through several online sessions. As a practitioner of stressful sports activities, my expectations were to relax and become aware of the centre of energies in order to favour my concentration and a state of global well-being. I found my answers and I felt my sensations improve as the sessions went on, with breathing, stretching and more dynamic movements. I find that Arnaud really knows how to advise and create the right atmosphere for everyone to find what they are looking for! To be discovered without hesitation".
Erwan E.
Parachutist, paraglider, Basejumper/Wingsuiter - 31 years old - Lyon (FR)
"I received a table treatment from Arnaud. He accompanied me through a series of movements that relax the body, then through a relaxation phase, which I'll leave to you as a surprise, and finally through a re-energising phase. It was a moment of well-being, relaxation, and at the same time a finer connection to my body and my sensations. I particularly appreciated her gentleness, her warmth, her respect for the right distance and her expertise in foot and hand massages".
Bérangère G..
Bio-dynamic Relaxation Practitioner - 32 years old - Grenoble (FR)
"I discovered this practice which is proving to be very effective in channelling my energy and relieving my lower back pain. Arnaud is a caring, passionate professional who is attentive to the effectiveness of each exercise on the body and mind according to the desired goal. Thank you for this Bio-dynamic Relaxation session".
Aline L.
Yoga teacher - 36 years old - Interlaken (CH)
"In my opinion, Arnaud Weber really has what it takes.... We attended a small group session on the beach and he quickly put us at ease and led the group through various exercises, some challenging and some more relaxing. His methods are based on years of experience in this field and I for one believe he has found his true passion in life!
I can't recommend him highly enough.
Neil W.
52 ans - Coach tennis - Berne (CH)

Session and interview with Lyell Grunberg, pro slackliner  (french).

Arnaud Weber


Climbing and mountaineering since 1988. Climbing instructor from 1990 to 1992. Orienteering & trail running (Raid Vienne – Eiger Ultra Trail). Paragliding since 2006. Skydiving since 2000 – 1200 jumps – Wingsuit instructor.
Basejump since 2002 – 1100 jumps of which 700 + in wingsuit (since 2004) – participation in competitions (Probase World Cup 2009 to 2013) and events Berlin Indoor world cup – 2013, Kuala Lumpur – Hike & Fly ).

The common denominator of these activities is the extensive experience in stress management.


Bio-dynamic Relaxation Practitioner
École Francophone de Relaxation Bio-dynamique

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Paul Pyronnet Institute bases

Wim Hof Method – initiation
Sebastien Payet Coaching